2023 BCEL Conference – Keynote – The Changing Nature of Work

Keynote - The Changing Nature of Work

Session Description

As the world continues to evolve at unprecedented speeds, it’s incumbent upon organizations and their people to do everything possible to remain “relevant”.  Easier said than done! What is the future of our roles in banking?  Will AI, blockchain and open-banking continue to accelerate? What skills will be in demand in the coming years?  Did I choose the right profession? Most of us have likely asked ourselves these exact questions. 

In our keynote presentation, Rocky Ozaki, the Founder of the NoW of Work (the Future of Work in NoW!) will bring us greater clarity on the when, what and why our profession is changing. He will challenge your assumptions, share the most modern practices of leading organizations, and equip you with tangible take-aways that can be implemented the next day. Rocky will leave you inspired and ready to take ownership of your career development, while preparing you for possible future leadership roles in your organization. 

Rocky, and his team at the NoW of Work, have collaborated with nearly 20 Credit Unions (boards, executive teams and frontline team members) across Canada and the United States, and prior to the pandemic operated schools (modern business bootcamps) in Vancouver and Toronto that were largely aimed at young leaders. 

If you’re looking to advance your career, this year’s Young Leaders conference is a must attend event!


Rocky Ozaki Pic

Rocky Ozaki – Founder & CEO – NoW of Work

Rocky is the Founder & CEO of the NoW of Work [nowofwork.com] – a business transformation firm whose primary focus is helping leaders build future-proofed, resilient teams that are anchored on cultures of innovation and agility. He couples a decade of senior leadership roles in large organizations, with 10-years in start-up tech to form what he believes is the culture and operational DNA for all modern companies.