CCUA NextGen Shareback

Sagar Sanghera, Vancity BCEL member, attended the 2019 CCUA NextGen Conference via BCEL’s sponsorship opportunity. Sagar submitted an essay and a video outlining why he should be selected and how his leadership benefited his credit union. We interviewed Sagar to learn what he picked up and found valuable from the conference.

  1. What was something that really stood out to you at the CCUA NextGen conference?
  • One of the things that really stood out to me personally was the relationship some of the Credit Union’s in Manitoba had with one another. They really seem to collaborate on a lot of different projects which is something I hope to see one day in BC.
  1. Explain why this conference was such a great opportunity to meet and network with so many young leaders from across the country.
  • It was a great opportunity because to me it showed the value of what great networking can do for you. It felt great to talk to other young leaders from different parts of Canada and BC about issues that affected the Credit Union system, while also being able to connect on a more personal level and have fun. I learned a lot about some of the different programs and initiatives other Credit Unions have going on which gave me a lot to think about.
  1. Can you share one thing that you learned while in Winnipeg that you brought back to share with your peers at your Credit Union?
  • One of the things that I shared with my peers was to incorporate your values into your everyday decision making, and to also understand that sometimes your values may not directly align with your organizational values and to understand that that’s okay.
  1. What is one piece of insight you gained that you thought would benefit other BCEL members?
  • I wouldn’t really consider this as insight, but some of the conference activities that were put together for the young leader group had a big impact on me. In particular, I would love to see something similar done like the Human Library with BC Credit Union Executives and the BC young leader group.
  1. Part of the NextGen conference focused on identifying and recognizing your core values. In your own words, can you explain why this process is important?
  • I think this process is critically important because it really shapes how you feel and how indicates how engaged you are with your work. I feel that more often than not, we try to force our own values to align with the organization that we work for, and that isn’t the best thing to do.
  1. You spoke briefly about the Human Library activity at the conference, where you had the opportunity to pose questions to industry leaders (including many C-suites from across the country). What was one of the best pieces of advice you received that had an impact on you?
  • Understanding the importance of knowing your people, and the importance of EQ. I heard some great stories about how challenges can plague any organization, but when you lead with the best interests with your team in mind, no challenge is too daunting. It really solidified the type of leadership style that I feel that I have developed and like to lead with.
  1. Name one of the highlights of your trip.
  • Seeing industry leaders on LinkedIn that I read up on and admire break it down at karaoke.