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For over 10 years, young leader (“YL”) initiatives have made an impact in the Canadian Credit Union system. Programs established at the national, provincial, and organization-specific levels have emerged and flourished, providing the next generation of senior leaders with the opportunities they need to build their leadership capacities, networks, and professional relationships. Young leader “communities” have grown organically from formal programs, which have resulted in continued knowledge sharing and strengthened bonds between individual Credit Unions that reach far beyond specific time frames spent participating in young leader programs. The picture included below illustrates the existing structure of YL programs in the Canadian Credit Union system. It is important to note that at the present time, there is no formal structure connecting the young leader programs in operation across the country. All conversations and collaboration activities between these groups have been informal in nature.

Our Key Focus Areas


We provide young leaders with access to leadership and professional development opportunities, and expose them to broader system issues to increase awareness, understanding and engagement with the credit union system.


We harness the ‘young leader perspective’ to garner fresh ideas and perspectives that support the long-term relevancy of the BC credit union system.


We provide young leaders with the opportunity to expand their networks through the establishment of a supportive and dynamic young leader community and access to system events.

BCYL offerings are designed to support the Credit Union system by focusing on the development of young leaders within Credit Unions of all size by taking a collaborative and innovative approach.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Relationship Building – opportunity to network with others that are passionate about the Credit Union system
  • System Issues – ability to share ideas and provide feedback on some of the most relevant topics affecting our system today
  • Leadership – working with system partners to provide the resources necessary to develop the next generation of our systems leaders

We will strive towards making an impact in these areas through webinars, think tanks, information forums, online discussions, white papers, and an annual BCYL conference.